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/ 专业留学生论文作业代写网站 / 专业提供留学生essay代写服务 Essay写作—Islamic银行体系 Islamic Banking presupposes from another banking system which is not Islamic.The one which is not Islamic has been in use for the last several centuries,in almost all the world,including the Muslim World.Several countries of the Muslim world are now trying to switch over to the Islamic banking system,and some of them have succeeded in introducing the Islamic banking order in their economy.Pakistan is one of them. Several other Muslim countries have allowed the implementation of an Islamic Bank in their territories but they have not fully switched over to an Islamic banking system because it’s a big and large scale process.This means the Islamic Banks are functioning in these countries side by side with other banks following the other banking system.More or less all other banks of all other countries follow broadly a single system that is the system of charging interest or Riba. During medieval times(1,000–1,500 AD),Middle Eastern tradesmen would engage in financial transactions on the basis of Sharia’a,which incidentally was guided by the same principles as their European counterparts at the time.The Arabs from the Ottoman Empire had strong trade relationships with the Spanish,and established financial systems without interest which worked on a profit-and loss-sharing basis. These instruments catered for the financing of trade and other enterprises.As the Middle Eastern and Asian regions became important trading partners for European companies such as the Dutch East India Company,European banks started to establish branches in these countries,which typically were interest-based.With the increasingly important role Western countries started to play in the world economy,conventional financial institutions became more dominant.On a small scale,credit union and co-operative societies based on profit-and loss-sharing principles continued to exist,but their activities were very much focused in small geograp


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