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Adjustment Use the pre-phase result of survey to build the grading criterion According to the feedback from the service department, change the “Star Service Center” competition to “Service Star” Competition so as to increase the feasibility in execution. As for the consumers, they will be presented with events of favor instead of participating in the grading. Simplilze the the event content so as to make it much easy to carry out. BORA Media Saloon Program Objective Via media saloon, invite the media people and subtly ask them to pay more attention to the positive information of FAW-VW and keep a low tone to the negative part. Inform FAW-VW of the holding of this kind of saloon regularly Attract the attention of journalists to FAW-VW again and increase the exposure frequency of FAW-VW products, and the contact frequency with customers Better the communication between FAW-VW, its dealers and journalists, to make the journalists give full-coverage of FAW-VW To further optimize relationship with media resources Media resources analysis in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu Area Release Media:Shanghai—《Xinmin Evening》《News Morning》 Jiangsu—《Yangtze Evening》《Nanjing Daily》 《Xinhua Daily》 Zhejiang—《Qiangjiang Evening》 《Metropolitan Express》 For the moment, the contact with the editors and journalists is far more less than the ad department of the newspaper press; At present, many media have started their Auto Column for Auto Special Edition; it calls for a contact with the new born media. Via some PR events, we keep in touch with major media in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, but more contact is needed to continue the good relationship. Competitors situation: With the help of geological advantage,Shanghai-VW and GM can update the information of their corporate and of their products in time and with ease, an


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