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俄罗斯北方海航道管理系统.doc 34页

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实用文档 标准 Nothern Sea Route Administration 北方海航道管理局 Official Web page? www.NSRA.ru 官方主页: www.NSRA.ru Contacts: 联系: 地址: 125993, Moscow, Petrovka str. 3/ 电话:+7-495-626-10-64 传真:+7-495-626-90-65 E-MAIL:nsra@morflot.r Address: 125993, Moscow, Petrovka str. 3/6 Telephone: +7-495-626-10-64 Fax: +7-495-626-90-65 E-mail:? u Object of activity and functions of NSRA 北方海航道管理局的管理职能 The Federal State Institution “Administration of the Northern sea route” was established according to the Order of the Government of Russian Federation № 358-p (March,15,2013), Federal law act № 81 (April,30,1999) p.3 art. 5.1 “The merchant shipping code of Russian Federation”, to organize navigation in the water area of the Northern sea route. The main targets of the Institution are ensuring safe navigation and protection of marine environment from the pollution in the water area of the Northern sea route. 俄罗斯联邦国家机构“北方海航道管理局”是根据该俄罗斯联邦的政府令№358-P(2013.3.15),联邦法律№81(1999.4.30)第3页5.1款“俄罗斯联邦商船航运法”之规定来组建而成的,主要负责组织北方海水域的船舶航行。 北方海航道管理局的主要职责就是确保北方海水域航行安全,防止水域污染。 The main functions are the following: Obtaining and considering the submitted applications and issuing the permissions for navigation through the Northern sea route; Issuing the certificates of the ice conventional pilotage on the Northern sea route; Researching weather, ice, navigational and other conditions on the Northern sea route; Coordination of installation of navigational aids and harmonization of regions to carry out hydrographic surveys operations on the Northern sea route; Assistance in the organization of search and rescue operations in the water area of the Northern sea route; Assistance in eliminating the consequences of pollution from vessels of harmful substances, sewage or garbage; Rendering the information services in relation to the water area of the Northern sea route, for example, about the organization of navigation, requirements of safe navigation and others; Making recommendations about development of routes of navigation


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