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2016高考(浙江、江苏)英语二轮复习检测:第二部分 题型专题突破 专题二 阅读理解 第四讲典题在线知能提升 Word版含答案.doc 3页

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PAGE PAGE 2 A As a young man,Al was a skilled artist,a potter with a wife and two fine sons.One night,his older son developed a severe stomachache.Thinking it was only some common intestinal(肠的) disorder,neither Al nor his wife took the condition very seriously.But the boy died suddenly that night. Knowing the death could have been avoided if he had only realized the seriousness of the situation,he always felt he was guilty.To make matters worse,his wife left him a short time later,leaving him alone with his six-year-old younger son.The hurt and pain of the two situations were more than Al could stand,and he turned to alcohol for help.In time,Al became an alcoholic. As the alcoholism progressed,Al began to lose everything he possessed—his land,house,etc..Finally Al died alone in a small bar.Hearing of Al’s death,I thought,“What a totally wasted life! What a complete failure!” As time went by,I began to revalue my earlier rough judgment.I knew Al’s now adult son,Ernie.He is one of the kindest,most caring,and most loving men I have ever known.I saw the love between Ernie and his children,thinking that kindness and love had to come from somewhere. I hadn’t heard Ernie talk much about his father.One day,I worked up my courage to ask him what on earth his father had done so that he became such a special person.Ernie said quietly,“As a child until I left home at 18,Al came into my room every night,gave me a kiss and said,‘Love you,son.’.” Tears came to my eyes as I realized what a fool I had been to judge Al as a failure.He had not left any material possessions behind.But he had been a kind and loving father,and left behind his best love. 【解题导语】 这是一篇记叙文,一个在作者眼中极其失败的人却是一位伟大的父亲,并且培养出了一个极其善良且充满爱心的儿子。 1.What directly made the author think of Al as a failure? A.His losing everything and his life. B.His older son’s death. C.His strong addiction to alcohol. D.His wife’s divorcing him. 解析:选A。细节理解题。根据第三段中的“As the alcoholism progressed,Al began to lose everything he possessed—h


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