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PAGE 9 PAGE 自考资料-英语词汇专项练习及答案 ㈠ 1.W_____(星期三) is the fourth day of the week. 2.I’d like to write him a letter, but I don’t know his a_______(地址). 3.In that shop are sold clothes in d______(不同的)sizes, colors and styles. 4.He made a few mistakes in g_______(语法) in his composition. 5.What are you q______(争吵) about with each other. 6.In summer, a sudden change in t_____(温度) could bring rain. 7.A lot of Chinese r______(饭店) sprung up abroad because more and more foreigners have come to love Chinese food. 8.Most shops are open every day with Sunday i_____(包括). 9.The s_____(灿烂的) jewels are glowing in the shop window. 10.You must pay more attention to your p______(发音), otherwise you’ll make yourself misunderstood when you speak English. 二 1.I didn’t r________(认出)him until he took off his dark glasses. 2.My parents went out last night and I stayed at home a________(独自一人). 3.he drives much f_______(快)than he did three years ago. 4.It is important to understand and r______(尊敬) each other among different nations. 5.Congratulations on your p______(通过)the college entrance exams. 6.The story happened in a m_______(山)village. 7.John kept quiet about the a______(事故)so as to not to be fired by the boss. 8.The train started g______(起动) when I got to the station.. 9.With the rapid d______(发展)of foreign trade, more people are learning foreign languages. 10.I think reading English newspaper is a good way of I______(改进)your English. 三 1.The milkman leaves us a big b______(瓶)of milk. 2.The p______(答应)that the roof should be repaired within two days. 3.Anybody can see the i______(重要性)of good health. 4.You can’t p______(可能地)run a mile in two minutes. 5.The gold ring is kept in a s______(秘密的)hiding place, known only to her husband. 6.There was only a large apple h______(收成)this year. 7.You can get a doctor here to o______(做手术)on her. 8.Have you been taking much m______(药). 9.There are many words that have more than one p______(发音). 10.The job demands someone with a college e______(教育). 四 1.I


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