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专业留学生论文作业代写网站 专业提供留学生essay代写服务 Essay写作—Business Plan怎么写?(下) Business Plan怎么写?昨天我们聊了一下business plan模板的上半部分,今天我们来聊一下下半部分。 前文回顾 Section 5. Business Aims and Objectives Aim This should describe where your business hopes to go eventually beyond the survival stage.For example,‘TO BE THE BEST VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT IN ROATH,CARDIFF’ Objectives These describe the steps or targets you set yourself to achieve the overall business aim. Your objectives follow on from your Mission Statement but are quantifiable,measurable and time-bound.Very often people will lift financial objectives from their forecasts,for example sales and profits for the first three years.But there may be other measurable objectives such as number of customers,personal income,repayment of loans etc. So use the following table: All objectives must meet SMARTER S PECIFIC M EASURABLE A CHIEVABLE R EALISTIC T IME RESTRAINED E VALUATED R EVIEWED All objectives must meet SMARTER Specific to the business Measurable by target figures Achievable within the time period–usually one year Realistic for the type of business Time restrained–have a month in mind to be achieved by Evaluated–recordable and then be interpreted Reviewed–progress reviewed at certain intervals 3/6/9/12 months Questions to ask yourself: What are your business goals?[year 1,year 2,year 3] How do you plan to achieve them? How do you intend for the business to grow and expand? Section 6. Marketing Strategy The marketing and promotion could be achieved by: Newspaper advertising Flyers Local radio Direct mail Cold calling Word of mouth Come and try it days or events Questions to ask yourself: How do you intend to reach your customers/new customers? Describe fully how you intend to achieve this What other promotion methods can you use? Selling Strategy List the benefits of your product/services That is,put yourself in your customers shoes and identify what you want from the product/service Where does your product/service stand with regard to


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