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harneys律所英属维尔京群岛信托法PPT Harneys_VISTA_trust_presentation_25_Sept_2012).pdf 39页

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HARNEYS British Virgin Islands VISTA Trusts Colin Riegels 25 September 2012 Quick summary: British Virgin Islands •Tiny group of islands in the Caribbean •Population only approx 25,000 •Independent, but British Dependent Territory •Offshore finance is the major industry •Approx 900,000 offshore vehicles formed •Estimated to be 41% of the world’s total British Virgin Islands (cont) •English speaking country •US dollar is national currency (no exchange controls) •English “common law” country •Independent judiciary appointed by regional bodies (final appeal to Privy Council in London) British Virgin Islands Quick summary: Harneys •Harneys is the largest and oldest law firm in the BVI •Larger that the next two largest firms combined •Almost every major law relating to trusts was drafted with consultation with Harneys lawyers •Also practice Cyprus, Cayman, Anguilla law Uses of offshore trusts •Broadly fall into three main categories: – Private wealth – Charitable and non-charitable purposes – Off balance sheet corporate finance •The last is probably the largest category •Today going to focus on the first BVI Trusts overview •Very large topic - lot of detail •Try to focus today on the VISTA trust – Most popular BVI trust product •Depending on timing, may look at some other issues: – PTC trusts – Share trusts – Purpose trusts VISTA Trust • Virgin Islands Special Trusts Act, 2003 SETTLOR Trustee BENEFICIARIES VISTA TRUST BVI COMPANY ASSETS VISTA Trusts •VISTA Trusts were created to address two particular problems: •First: the “prudent man of business rule” – English case of Bartlett v Barclays Bank •Second: the probate rule – Ap


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