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How to write a letter for advice Shirley, recently I find it difficult to get along with my new classmates. What should I do? 根据下列要求和提示,完成审题谋篇、遣词造句、连句成篇等写作过程。 假设你是李华,你的好友Harry在交友过程中遇到了困难。请你根据以下提示用英语给他写一封信,给他提出一些建议。 1.帮他分析原因。 2. 给他提出建议和原因。 3. 陈述你帮助他的具体打算。 4.100个词左右。 Dear Harry, A I hope you will find these ideas useful.Looking forward your letters. B First of all, you should learn about your classmates’ likes and dislikes. What's more, you should take an active part in the discussion held in your class and show your own opinion actively, and at the same time, learn to listen to others patiently. In this way,you can make friends with more people. Last but not least, it will be a good idea to help others when necessary.With time going on, people will know you better and like to make friends with you if you can do the above. C.I am sorry to hear that you are not good at communicating with others and often feel lonely. However, the situation is easy to change if/so long as you take/follow my advice. Yours, Li hua 第一步: What must we pay attention to when writing an article ? 题材: 人称 Person (The first/ second person…) 时态:Tense (the simple present tense) 要点:…     a letter 写作攻略2:建议信写作的注意事项 a.第一段要表达情感,写出目的 b. ⑴提出问题的原因; ⑵说明建议的内容,建议的原因,因此要注意各条建议之间的衔接。 c. 熟悉建议信的常用句型。 Structure Which paragrah is the most important? Para1:_____ Para2:______ ___ ...... ____ .... ____ Para3:Wishes and ______ Feelings and purpose Advice hopes Advice 1 reason Advice 2 result Advice 3 How to come up with suggestions? 我建议你把零用钱花在这些事情上/我觉得你该这么花零 花钱"为例) You can/ should / had better/might as well spend your pocket money in this way. I think you should spend your pocket


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