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4.英语中考专题复习题型五 任务型阅读.doc 8页

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— PAGE 5 — 第三部分 重难题型攻略 题型五 任务型阅读 话题1 异国文化(6年4考) Passage 1(2019陕师大附中四模) Class Afloat is a Canadian school on a tall ship! The ship is 210 feet long and 30 feet wide, and it can take up to sixty students. The classrooms are well-equipped and comfortable, and there’s even a library! It isn’t necessary to know anything about sailing—students can learn on the ship. Not all the students are Canadians. There’s usually a mix of nationalities. This year, there are also students from Mexico, the US, Germany, and Turkey. There’s a mix of ages too. There are high school students sixteen to eighteen years old, and first-year college students. The teachers design special study programs for each student. Because the school is a ship, you can do some exciting classes, such as Marine Biology(studying the animals and plants in the sea) and History of Geography courses about the places you visit. Students also learn all about sailing! Students don’t just study. They must also clean, cook and sail the ship. In their free time, students can rest, read, or watch a movie. In the evenings, they relax with friends and have club meetings. Students also take part in two volunteer programs in Senegal and the Dominican Republic to learn how to help others. They help local families in different ways, for example, with basic health matters or starting a business. Students learn how, with just a little money and time, they can make changes that improve other people’s lives. 1. What does the second paragraph mainly tell us? It’s mainly about________________ of the school. 2. What can students learn in Marine Biology class? They can learn________________. 3. What can students do on the ship? Besides studying, students also have to________________ on the ship. 4. Why are students required to take part in the volunteer projects? Because they can learn________________. 5. Wh


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