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Unit 4 Body language What are they trying to tell us? How are they expressing themselves? Guess Oh, I give in I am so happy Eye contact ( touch) I love you ! OK stop silent well done gestures confused angry sad happy Facial expressions He is thinking deeply. She is feeling ill / having a stomachache. postures gesture facial expression sign language posture eye contact body language can be divided into...... What is body language? Such as eye contact, facial expression, gesture, posture and other non-verbal signals. Body language is one form of communication without using any words. Some body language is similar in most countries. As one coin has two sides Some body language is in different countries. different In China, Britain In Russia, France, In Arab, Japan, Korea In Some western countries Shake hands Kiss Bow hug What do people usually do when meeting? Reading Communication: No problem? Listening and underlining 1.Who are the people mentioned in the passage? 2.Where are they from? people country China Tony Garcia Columbia Julia Smith Britain Akira Nagata Japan George Cook Canada Ahmed Aziz Jordan Darlene Coulon France another student and I Tony Garcia Ahmed Aziz Julia Smith Akira Nagata George Cook Darlene Coulon Divide the passage into four parts and match the main idea of each part. Fast reading C) to meet international students at Capital International Airport. A) Summary of body language. B) Different cultures, different body languages. D) Examples of cultural “body language”. (Para1) (Para 2 and 3) (Para 4) (Para5) Part 1 : Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: 1.Why are the people visiting China? 2.Why is Julia Smith surprised? 3.What do French people often do when they meet people they know? 4.Why do you think we need to study body language? Answer questions 1.Why are the people visiting China? 2.Why is J


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