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* 项目五 餐饮服务 模块一 团队用餐 重点:团队用餐的注意事项 难点:团队用餐的英语表达 Situation Lead-in Tourism activity is not only an activity about economy and culture, but also an activity for entertainment and enjoyment.Food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment, among all these six elements of tourism, food is in the No. 1 position, because food is the first necessity of the people. A tour guide is required to try his/her best to serve for tourists in food and beverage attentively so as to leave some good memories. For tourists coming from different food cultural backgrounds, it is crucial for an English tour guide to interpret Chinese food culture in an acceptable way. Moreover, tour guide is supposed to have the professional knowledge about food and beverage service, and be familiar with the etiquette standards for food service program. The working procedure for the tour guide mainly includes three steps: 1. Call the restaurant beforehand, confirm the place, time, number of people, standard, form and special requirement. 2. Show the tourists to the restaurant. Before that, tour guide is supposed to introduce the restaurant briefly such as location and specialty. Tourists should be and informed about categories of food and beverage within the food standard, and notified the departure time and gathering place. During meal time, it is necessary for tour guide to walk around and answer questions raised by tourists. 3. Balance accounts with restaurant. Dialogue 1 Group Dining with Reservation NOTES ① I have reserved a table for 10 at 6 o'clock p.m. under the name of Wang Yan from China International Travel Service, Suzhou Branch.我预订了一张晚上6点的10人桌,是以中国国际旅行社苏州分社王燕的名字预订的。 a table for ten: 十人桌a table for six: 六人桌 under the name of...: 以……的名字 ② Would you please come with me?请跟我来好吗?也可以说Come this way, please!/ Step this way,please!/ Follow me, please!/ This way, please! ③ go straight ahead: 往前直走 ④ Be seated, please. 请坐。也可以说Sit down, please./Take your seat, please. the use


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