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人教版最新八年级上册英语期末试题及答案13.doc 7页

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人教版八年级(上册)英语学科期末试题及答案 笔试部分 得分 评卷人 = 5 \* ROMAN V单项选择。(共20小题,每小题1分,计20分) 选择可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 (? ) 21. We should help poor people___ housework.? A does? B. do? C. doing? D. done? ( )22. Students should keep good habit, Don' t depend____ parents.? .??? A. on? B. in? C. for? D. About (? ) 23. The two students_____ late yesterday.????? A. are all?? B. were all?? C. are both?? D. were both (? ) 24 What often makes you______ ????? ? A. laugh?? B. laughed?? C. laughing?? D. to laugh? ( )25. ---______ does he swim? --- He swims twice a week.?? A. How long?? B. How soon?? C. How old?? D. How often (? ) 26 .---______ did you finish your work? --- For half an hour. A. How often B. How long C. How far D. How many ?(? )27. ---Was there _____water in the cup? --- No, there wasn't_____???? A. some, some?? B. any, any.? C: some, any?? D. any, some? (? )28. _____ the end of the day, science teacher was very happy.???? A. On?? B. In?? C. About??? D. At? (? )29. We can’t go fishing _________ the bad weather.???? A. because of????? B. because?? C. as?????? D. Like (? )30. Please? ________ the light. It’s too dark. A. turn off???? B. open????? C. don’t turn on? D. turn on (? )31. We have ________ students this year than last year.?? A. many???? B. much more? C. much?????? D. many more (? )32. ---One is never ______ old ______learn. Do you think so? ---Yes. I agree.? A. very; to??B. so; so??C. too; to???D. so; that? (? )33. ______ every day is good ________us.? A. Running; at?? B. Running; for?? C. Run; for?? D. Run; at? (? ) 34. --What are you going to do ________ Sunday morning? ---I’m going to fly kites??_______the park.? A. in; in????? B. on; in????? C. at; on????? D. in; at? (? )35.Would you like________ now, John?? A. sweet anything eat B. sweet anything to eat? C. something


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