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PAGE PAGE 1 2020年考研英语(一)真题及参考答案 Section I Use of English Directions: Read the following text.Choose the best word(s)for each numbered blank and mark A,B,C or D on the ANSWER SHEET(10 points) Today we live in a world where GPS systems,digital maps,and other navigation apps are available on our smart phones._1_of us just walk straight into the woods without a phone.But phones_2_on batteries,and batteries can die faster than we realize,_3_ you get lost without a phone or a compass,and you_4_cant find north,a few tricks to help you navigate_5_to civilization,one of which is to follow the land. When you find yourself well_6_a trail,but not in a completely_7_area,you have to answer two questions:Which_8_is downhill,in this particular area?And where is the nearest water source?Humans overwhelmingly live in valleys,and on supplies of fresh water._9_,if you head downhill,and follow any H20 you find,you should_10_see signs of people If you’ve explored the area before,keep an eye out for familiar sights-you may be_11_how quickly identifying a distinctive rock or tree can restore your bearings. Another_12_Climb high and look for signs of human habitation._13_even in dense fores,you should be able to_14_gaps in the tree line due to roads,train tracks,and other paths people carve_15_the woods.Head toward these_16_to find a way out.At might can the horizon for_17_light sources such as fires and streetlights,then walk toward the glow of light pollution. _18_,assuming you're lost in an area humans tend to frequent,look for the_19_we leave on the landscape.Trail blazes tire tracks.and other features can_20_you to civilization. 1.[A]Some [B]Most?[C]Few?[D]All 2.[A]put [B]take?[C]run?[D]come 3.[A]Since?[B]If?[C]Though [D]until 4.[A]Formally [B]relatively [C]gradually?[D]literally 5.[A]back?[B]next [C]around [D]away 6.[A]onto?[B]off?[C]across [D]alone 7.[A]unattractive [B]uncrowded [C]unchanged?[D]unfamiliar 8.[A]sit e[B]point?[C]way?[D]place 9.[A]So?[B]Yet [C]Instead [D]Beside


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