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精品文档 精品文档 初中英语分类练习 ――非谓语动词 填空 用括号中的动词适当形式填空 We are so glad (hear) the n ews. saw him (cross) the road safely and (run) away. You can ' t make him (do) what you want. don ' t know where (meet) him. What makes you (think) I ' m a farmer? Did you see him (go) upstairs? 7.It is better (put) your money in a bank. 8.It is difficult for the boy (swim) across the river. let him (go) early as he wan ted (meet) his uncle at the stati on. Will you help me (move) the bed? d better If he doesn ' t know, how (use) the recorder, you ' d better (show) him. He is the last one (leave) the office every day. 13.It ' s bad manners ufs^io public. 14.The boy is old eno ugh (dress) himself. 15.She is too ill (go) to school. 填入动名词的适当形式. 1.Ca n you imagi ne yourself in a Ion ely isla nd? (stay) can't un dersta nd your at that poor child.(laugh) 3.She did n't mi nd overtime.(work) To make a livi ng, he tried , ,and various other thin gs, but he had failed in all .(write; paint) We are look ing forward to Mary's . (come). 6.She was praised for the life of the child.(save) 7.She ought to be praised in stead of (criticize). 8.Is there any possibility of our the champi on ship?(w in) He came to the party without (in vite) Don ' t keep me (wait) for a long time. Kni ves are used for (cut) thin gs. Can you finish (read) the book in three days? The doctor was busy (operate) on the boy at that time. Stop (talk) and liste n to me carefully. Thank you very much for (help) us. Granny is very ill and she doesn ' t feel like (eat) anything. The girl enjoys (liste n) to light music. Do you remember (buy) me a beautiful skirt on my 13th birthday? We couldn ' t help (laugh) afteheard the funny story. What about (go) out for a walk? n .用不定式完成下列句子 1.Have you decided (怎样度假). 2.It is dangerous (玩火). 3.She was the first woma n (环球飞行的). The boy was made (重复他自己的故事). The old lady looked at the children (穿过马路) 6.It took me much time (算出这些难题) yesterday. The boss made the workers ( 一天工作十小时) . don ' t know 会上说什么)


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