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(湖南专版)2020中考英语复习方案 第一篇 教材考点梳理 课时训练(八)Units 7-8(八上)试题.docx 7页

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PAGE PAGE 1 课时训练(八)  Units 7-8 (八上) (限时:30分钟) Ⅰ.单项填空 1.[2019·本溪改编]—Shall we stop and wait for others? —Sounds good. I think they will catch up     a few minutes.? A.during B.after C.in 2.Grandma wants to watch the program Legal Report. Please     the TV.? A.turn off B.turn on C.turn down 3.It’s     for me to be there before eight. It’s far away from my house. ? A.interesting      B.comfortable C.impossible 4.—Alice, could you help me     the meat? I want to make some dumplings for dinner.? —OK. I’ll do it right away. A.put up B.give up C.cut up 5.—Did you do something special on Father’s Day? —Yes.I made my father a card in the     of a heart to express my love.? A.height B.shape C.design 6.—Have you finished the work    ?? —No, not     . We are     working hard at it. ? A.already; still; yet B.yet; yet; still C.yet; always; still 7.—What do you need for the sandwich? —    . ? A.Three chicken B.Three pieces of chickens C.Three pieces of chicken 8.Please help me     the bottle with water.? A.filled B.fills C.fill 9.Eating dumplings at the Spring Festival is     in China.? A.patient B.lucky C.traditional 10.—Will there be fewer jobs for people in the future? —    . Because many robots will do the same jobs as people. ? A.Yes, they will B.Yes, there will C.No, there won’t Ⅱ.[2019·菏泽]完形填空   Nowadays, many people drive their cars to work. There are a lot of cars in the street and the 11 is very busy. So sometimes  12  is not easy for people to get to work on time. When you are going to be late, you only dream of taking a plane there. Can your dream  13 ?? Yes! You can take a plane only in months! Four engineers in Germany are  14  in making planes. They are making a new plane—Lilium jet. It doesn’t look like a plane  15  an egg. Many people think it looks funny and interesting. The great “egg” can take two people to the sky and  16  three hundred kilometres in one hour. That’s really great.? Some people call


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