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优秀课件,精彩无限! { Which woman is a teacher? The woman who lives next door is a teacher. The Attributive Clause (定语从句) 在复句中修饰名词或代词的从句叫做定语从句。 定语从句所修饰的词叫先行词。 学习定语从句的关键是如何选择关联词。 由于关系代词在主句与从句间既起到联系作用,又在从句中充当一个成分,因此, 要正确判断关系代词在从句中的功能,如作主语还是宾语等。 在选择引导定语从句的关系代词时,有如下要点: 1 由于关系代词在主句与从句间既起到联系作用,又在从句中充当一个成分,因此, 要正确判断关系代词在从句中的功能,如作主语还是宾语等。 2 当先行词指人时,关系代词可用who(做主语,宾语),that(做主语,宾语),whom(作宾语),whose(作定语) 3 当先行词指物时,关系代词可用that(做主语,宾语),which(做主语,宾语) 4 再定语从句中,作宾语的关系代词长可省略,但在介词后面的关系代词不能省略。指人时,介词后只用whom,指物时,介词后只用which。 5 在非限制性定语从句中,指人时,只用who,指物时,只用which。 Fill in the blanks with who, whom, that, or which. 1 The earthquake ____________ hit the city in 1906 was the biggest in American history. 2 We don’t know the number of people __________ lost their homes in the 1906 earthquake. 3 The house ____________ they built in 1987 stayed up in the earthquake. 4 A house ___________ is built on sand may fall down in an earthquake. 5Luckily none of the people ___________ I know were killed in the earthquake. 6 people _________ study earthquakes thinks that there will be another big one soon. 当先行词指人时,关系代词可用 who(做主语,宾语),that(做主语,宾语),whom(作宾语),whose(作定语) 当先行词指物时,关系代词可用that(做主语,宾语),which(做主语,宾语) 如果介词提前,作宾语的关系代词不能省略 指物,只用 which 指人,只用whom 在非限制性定语从句中,指人时,只用who,指物时,只用which。 She looked at Jeff, who was waving his arms. Football, which is a very interesting game, is loved by most people in the world. Fill in the blanks with who, whom, whose that, or which. 1 I have a friend ______ likes listening to classical music. 2 Yesterday Emily was wearing the new dress __________ I gave her. 3 The man ______ leg broke in a match used to be a football player. 4 Kevin is reading a book __________ is too difficult for him. 5 The family _____ I’m staying with lives in town. 6 I know the student ________ article was published. 7 Betty, ______ has never been abroad, is studying English very well. 8 My parents live in a house ____________ is more than 100 years old. 9 The boy with _______ John spoke is my brother.


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