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2018-2019七年级下学期英语期中模拟测试卷.doc 9页

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PAGE PAGE 1 健康成长,快乐学习 2018-2019七年级下学期英语期中模拟测试卷 满分:100分 时间:80分钟 一、单项选择。将最佳选项的字母编号填在题号前。(共20分,每题1分) — Mary, can you play piano? — Yes, but I don’t have piano now. /; the B. the;/ C. the; the D. the; a —As an English teacher, are you your students? —Of course, they like me very much. good with B. good at C. good for D. good to —The basketball season is coming. Please come and join . You can join team. —No problem. We are friends. I hope we can win. we; our B. us; our C. them; theirs D. they; their —What time do you usually go home? — I usually go home five the afternoon of Friday. at; in B. on; at C. at; on D. on; in — does it take you to get to school? —About ten minutes. How many B. How much C. How long D. How far —On May Day, More than five people go abroad for traveling. thousand B. thousands C. thousands of D. thousand of —Don’t eat in class! That’s the school rule! — . Sorry, I will. B. Sorry, I won’t. C. Sure, I will. D. It doesn’t matter. Elephants are in great danger now because people so many trees. cut down B. cut in C. cut up D. cut off —What’s wrong? — I am looking for my pen. It’s wood. make of B. make from C. made of D. made from — Look! He is watching the dragon boat races _. — Yeah, the team he likes will win. excited B. excitedly C. sad D. sadly Tom is the best student. He works harder than student in his class. another B. the other C. any other D. other — Why do you like pandas? — Because they are . awful B. silly C. cruel D. smart 13.Bob can’t play baseball, and I can’t play baseball , ________. A.too B.to C.either D.also 14.Mike is ____ at Chinese. He can speak Chinese very ________. A.good, well B.well, good C.well, well D.good, good 15.We have to _____ to go to the park. A. by bus B.by a bus C.take bus D.


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