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课 题 9A Unit3 Comic strip & Welcome to the unit 课型 New 教学目标 教学过程 集 体 备 课 备 课 札 记 3. Read the sentences one by one and check the answers. Step 3 Talk about how to deal with these problems 1. manage your time better and go to bed earlier 2. plan your time carefully and try to finish your homework quickly 3. ask parents to turn down or turn off the TV 4. try to be friendly to others and chat with them after class 5. study harder and ask for teacher's help 6. ask parents to come home early Step 4 Make a dialogue (1) What is Millie’s problem? 1. What problem does Eddie have? What is Hobo’s advice? 2. Why does Hobo tell Eddie not to eat too much? Step 6 Read and act it out 1 tells him not to is Step 8 Discussion 1. Read the text book and learn the new words and phrases by heart. 教学反思 2 课 题 9A Unit 3 Reading (1) 课型 New 教学目标 教学过程 集 体 备 课 备 课 札 记 T: … We can also write to newspapers and TV stations. Or sometimes we can write to youth workers like Sigmund Friend. Millie and Simon wrote two letters to him. Skim their letters and answer the two questions. 1. What are Millie’s problems? Step 3 Learn some new words Here are some sentences in the two letters. And there are some new words in them. Can you read the new words? Read them again and try to understand the new words. Do the exercise in Part B1. Step 5 Read Millie’s letter and fill in the blanket Name Millie Grade Hobbies Problems _____________ and hardly _______________________ often doubt whether _________ __________________ so that she can ______________________ 3 Step 6 Have a debate T: Millie knows it’s important to do her homework. However, she hardly has any time for her hobbies. What should she focus on? Choose one and have a debate. Step 7 Read Simon’s letter and find the sentences for the following T: Now Read Simon’s letter loudly. Find the sentences to describe the following. Name Football, _______ football Problems Feeling Mr. Friend is replying to Millie’s and Simon’s letters. Help him complete the sentences


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