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甘肃矢远县第四中学2019_2020学年高二英语下学期期中试题.doc 16页

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PAGE PAGE 15 甘肃省靖远县第四中学2019-2020学年高二英语下学期期中试题 第一部分:基础知识 一,单句语法填空。(15分) 1.Our teacher urges us _______(study) hard with the College Entrance Examination drawing near. 2.The thief _________(drag) out of his hiding place by police yesterday. 3.As we all know, fresh air is____________( benefit) to our health 4.Although I am _________ (annoy) with him about his annoying habit, he can't get rid of it. 5.________ (ambitious) plays an important role in our daily life, because it is a guide for us to make decisions and choices. 6.With __________ (graduate) around the corner, I am writing to express my gratitude. 7.To the __________(satisfy) of the boss, his products could satisfy the needs of the customers. 8.___________ (occupy) in looking after three children at home, she no longer has time to enjoy the various activities in the club. 9.She apologized to us for her being late, and we accepted her_________. (apologize) 10.Children, when ___________ (accompany) by their parents, are allowed to enter the stadium. 二.单句改错。(15分) 1.Students are required to obey of the rules of the school. 2.You've done too much work that you're bound to passing the exam. 3.The Internet is the biggest source of information in the world, and you can have an access to it through a computer. 4.We offer our congratulation to you on your passing the College Entrance Examination. 5.I was about to do an important piece of work while my daughter came to interrupt me. 6.I soon found that the work I was doing had already been done by someone else. In the other words, I was wasting my time.  7.Eric came running into the room, out of the breath and red in the face. 8.No one knows exact how the earth began as it happened so long ago. 9.The situation required that we made an immediate decision. 10.The survey conducting by the company shows there is a large increase in customer satisfaction this year. 第二部分:综合知识 Ⅰ. 阅读理解(共15小题每小题2分,满分30分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 A In more ways tha


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