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第 第 PAGE 1 页 共 NUMPAGES 1 页 英语三年级下册Module 2 单元测试卷 姓名:________ 班级:________ 成绩:________ 同学们,经过一段时间的学习,你一定长进不少,让我们好好检验一下自己吧! 一、选择题 1 . My father ?????for a walk yesterday. ( ) A.go B.is going C.went 2 . The little girl is Lucy.? She ________ ten years old then. ( ) A.is B.was C.were 3 . ________ baseball is good for our health. ( ) A.Playing B.Play C.plays 4 . There ____________ an English lesson in the school.( ) A.is B.are C.have D.has 5 . Jim likes playing football, but he_________ like playing basketball.?( ) A.do not B.does not C.is not 6 . What?are?they?doing???( ) They?are??__________. A.go?swimming B.swimming C.swim 7 . She?????a fever. ( ) A.have B.having C.has 8 . My aunt is ????cook. A.a B.an C./ 9 . Your white cap is ???????the sofa. ( ) A.in B.for C.on 10 . I’m very sad ________ you the bad news. A.to tell B.told C.tell 二、阅读选择 阅读短文。 It’s Sunday morning. There are some children in the park.They are having a good time. Some are playing games under a big tree. Some are singing and dancing. Some boys and girls are climbing the hill.Others are rowing on the lake. Look, Tom is sitting by the lake.He is reading. Helen is running after a nice butterfly. She wants to catch it. 11 . Who are in the park? ( ) A. Some students and teachers. B. Some children. C. Many old men. 12 . What are they doing? ( ) A. They are jumping. B. They are climbing mountains. C. They are playing. 13 . Where is Tom? ( ) A. He’s sitting by the lake. B. He’s writing by the lake. C. He’s behind the lake. 14 . What does Helen want to do? ( ) A. She wants to catch a butterfly. B. She is running. C. She is reading. 15 . Are the boys and girls having a good time? ( ) A. Yes, they are. B. They are having a good time. C. Yes, they do. 三、填空题 根据图片、首字母、情境或者中文提示写出相应的单词。 16 . His brother likes making________planes. 17 . F ________ example, robots can help us feed the fish. 18 . I ________ on Saturday. 19 . —?________ is ready!? —I'm coming. 20


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