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2019年青海省中考英语试卷【中考英语真题、含答案及详细解释、可以编辑】.docx 11页

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第 = PAGE 4*2-1 7页 共 = SECTIONPAGES 10*2 20页 ◎ 第 = PAGE 4*2 8页 共 = SECTIONPAGES 10*2 20页 第 = PAGE 1*2-1 1页 共 = SECTIONPAGES 2*2 4页 ◎ 第 = PAGE 1*2 2页 共 = SECTIONPAGES 2*2 4页 2019年青海省中考英语试卷 Ⅱ.单项选择(每小题1分,共20分)从A、B、C三个选项中选出一个可以填入空白处的最佳答案. ? 1. After she passed the entrance examination, she finally became ______ university student. A.a B.an C.the ? 2. —Whose jackets are these? —They said they are ______. They lost them yesterday. A.Ours B.Li Lei and Li Tao's C.Li Lei′s and Li Tao's ? 3. —I don′t have enough money for the T-shirt. —Don' t worry. I can lend ______ to you. A.any B.some C.many ? 4. The bright sunlight comes into the room______the window.( ) A.through B.across C.past ? 5. ﹣﹣﹣﹣Must I finish this work at once? ﹣﹣﹣﹣No,you______.( ) A.can′t B.won't C.needn't ? 6. ﹣﹣﹣You have made such a great progress on your English. ﹣﹣﹣Thanks. I believe______you work,_____you will be.( ) A.the less, the better B.the harder, the better C.the better, the worse ? 7. ﹣﹣﹣Can you give me some suggestions on reading books? ﹣﹣﹣You'd better______the dictionary when you meet the new words.( ) A.look up B.look around C.look for ? 8. We are all ______ little Mary because she won the first place in the piano competition. A.thankful to B.interested in C.proud of ? 9. ______useful advice you gave us!( ) A.What B.What a C.How ? 10. —What did you learn in geography class yesterday? —I learned that the sun ______ in the east. A.was rising B.rises C.rose ? 11. —Excuse me, will the flight arrive soon? —Yes. It will be landing right ______. A.at times B.in time C.on time ? 12. ______on the grass. It's a rule of the park.( ) A.Step B.Don' t step C.To step ? 13. Class, please teach ______ the article we will learn tomorrow. A.yourselves B.yourself C.ourselves ? 14. For your own ______, please don′t smoke on the plane. A.feelings B.safety C.health ? 15. ﹣﹣﹣______a big clock on the wall? ﹣﹣﹣Yes, but it was broken in the earthquake.( )


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