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七年级英语下册Unit7It'sraining周周清课件新版人教新目标版.ppt 19页

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Unit 7 It's raining!;Self Check ? 一、单项选择。(10×1分=10分) 1.My friends and I are ________ a vacation in Shanghai. A.at B.in C.of D.on 2.—Can I take a ________ for Helen? —Sure,thanks. Please tell Helen to call me back when she gets home. A.walk B.shower C.friend D.message 3.You don't need to take the warm clothes. It's very ________ there. A.clean B.cold C.hot D.dirty;4.My mother is busy and she doesn't have time to ________ for us. Let's eat out. A.cook B.wash C.teach D.relax 5.Jenny is very happy ________ her friends again. A.see B.to seeing C.to see D.sees 6.—Listen!Someone ________ the guitar in the room. —Yes. I think it's Kate. She is very good at playing it. A.play B.plays C.playing D.is playing 7.—Why do you like winter? —Because when it is very cold,I can go ________ on the river. A.fishing B.shopping C.skating D.swimming;8.—Is it cool today? —________. It is still hot. A.Yes,it is B.No,it isn't C.Yes,it does D.No,it doesn't 9.—How cold it is! —Yes,it is ________ heavily outside. A.snowed B.snow C.snows D.snowing 10.Parents hope(希望) their children can study ________ at school. A.again B.early C.hard D.soon;二、完形填空。(10×2分=20分) It's January. Milly has a long winter vacation. She doesn't want to stay(待) in England. It's not very cold,__11__ it is always rainy. Milly doesn't love rain. “Why not go and __12__ Aunt Nancy in Canada?It often __13__ there in January. I can make snowmen and go __14__. It's fun,”Milly thinks happily. “Let me write __15__ e-mail to Aunt Nancy this evening.” When Milly is thinking about her vacation in __16__,she gets a call. It is __17__ her friend Amy. “Hi,Milly. Come and spend(度过)your vacation in Australia with me. It's summer now. It's __18__ and sunny.You love swimming,don't you?We can go swimming every day,” Amy says on the __19__. Milly do


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