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2006-2007学年第二学期2004级期末英语试题(A).doc 12页

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PAGE PAGE 1 2006-2007学年第二学期2004级期末英语试题(A) Part Ⅰ 听力理解 Listening Task Listen to the following 20 short conversations. Each conversation is followed by ONE question. After you hear the question, there’ll be a break of 15 seconds. During the break, you’ll read the four choices marked A, B, C and D, and decide which is the best answer. 1. A. He plays tennis. B. He plays football. C. He plays golf. D. He plays baseball. 2. A. Borrow another copy from his friend. B. Purchase another copy. C. Ask the owner of a bookstore. D. Write to a bookstore. 3. A. Either email or the telephone. B. Email. C. Both email and the telephone. D. The telephone. 4. A. Short. B. Sure. C. Shore. D. Shoot. 5. A. It is as efficient as the postal service. B. It’s excellent in his area. C. It’s of poor quality. D. It’s less efficient than the postal service. 6. A. He’s a very lucky doctor. B. He’s fond of competition. C. He has a great desire for his work. D. He’s both efficient and effective. 7. A. Outside a bookstore. B. At a stop sign. C. Near a sports park. D. In front of a library. 8. A. She wanted to get ready for the party. B. She was afraid of going out at night. C. She had to be home early. D. She wanted to get ready for the play. 9. A. George has trouble breathing. B. George breathes very heavily. C. George reads very slowly. D. George never returns anything. 10. A. Husband and wife. B. They are dating each other. C. Teacher and student. D. Manager and secretary. 11. A. The train will wait for a few minutes at the station. B. The next train is coming soon. C. They can catch this train without having to run. D. There is no other train they can take. 12. A. He hurt his eye this morning. B. His clock was a very unusual one. C. He found the subject of the lecture uninteresting. D. The lecture lasted more than one hour. 13. A. She knows that Thursday is too early for it. B. She can finis


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