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初一(上)重难点、易错点专项复习题 Module1-5 一、选择题 ( )1.My father practices ________every afternoon. A.swimming B.to swim C.swims ( )2.There is ________ “o ” and ________ “u” in the word “you ”. A.an;an B.a;a C.an;a ( ) 3.________ is my favourite sport. A.Run B.Running C.Runing ( )4.There________a book and two pens on the desk. A.is B.are C.am ( )5.There is________ “s ” in the word “student ”. A.a B.an C.the ( )6. — Is there any meat in the fridge? —Yes,there is________. A.some B. any C.many ( )7.Would you like to come to my birthday party next Sunday? Oh,thanks a lot.________. A.Yes,please. B.Yes,I would. C.I ’d love to. ( )8.What about ________ a cup of coffee? A.having B.have C.to have ( )9. Are these your new teachers? Yes, _______. A. They are B. they are C. they ’re ( )10.Welcome to _____________home. A.Lisa ’s and Sally B.Lisa ’s and Sally ’s C.Lisa and Sally ’s ( )11.Miss Li is teaching ___________the classroom and I amsitting ________ myfriend. A.in front of;in the front of B.behind;in the front of C.in the front of; behind ( )12.There are many pears ________ the tree and some birds ________ it. A.on; in B.in;on C.on; on ( )13.There are 21________ in my class. A.girls students B.boy students C.woman teachers ( )14. —What is your father? —He’s _______ . A. in Tian Jin B. forty-three C. a manager ( )15.Lucy ’s family _______ watching TV now. A.i s B.are C.am ( )16.There is a picture_______Lucy ’s family ______the wall. A.of;on B.at;in C.of;in ( )17. ____are the computer rooms? —They are on the second


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