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    PAGE PAGE # A. I have heard or have see n B. have I heard or see n A. I have heard or have see n B. have I heard or see n PAGE PAGE # 倒装句专项练习 1. Not un til I bega n to work how much time I had wasted. A. did n't I realize B. did I realize C. I did n't realize D. I realized be able to master be able to master 2. Only by practic ing a few hours every day the Ian guage. you can can you C. you will D. will you 3. If you don't go ,n either A. shall I B. do I C. I do D. I shall 4. No sooner to the stati on the train left. A. had I got ,when B. I had got , than C. had I got ,than D. did I get ,when 5.Your father is very strict with you. 5. .He never lets off a single mistake of ours. So he isSo is heHe is soSo does So he is So is he He is so So does he 6.today , he would get there by Sun day. 6. Would he leaveWas he leav ing Would he leave Was he leav ing C. Were he to leaveD. If he leave7. Never in my lifesuch a thing. C. Were he to leave D. If he leave 7. Never in my life such a thing. I have heard or see n D. did I hear or see Here ! Where is Xiao Liu ? --__ There . he ishe iscomes the bus , is he B. comes the bus he is he is the bus comes , is he D. the bus comes, , I will not buy it. Much as do I like it B. As much I like it C. Much as I like it D. As I like it much I like football. I don't like volleyball. A. So do IC. So it is with me A. So do I C. So it is with me So is it with me 11.the expe nse , 11. the expe nse , I to Italy. If it were not , go Were it not for , would go Weren't it for , will go If it had n't beenwould have gone If it had n't been would have gone 12. Soin the dark ness that he did n'tdare to move aninch. 12. So in the dark ness that he did n't dare to move an inch. he was frighte nedwas he frighte ned he was frighte ned was he frighte ned frighte ned he wasfrighte ned was he frighte ned he was frighte ned was he In modem times , girls like beautiful clothes. Yes, and. After all, our life has greatly improved. A. so do they ,


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