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2019-2019学年上学期九年级英语(第5周)组合训练 【完型填空】 Robert and Henry were going home from school,when,on turning a corner,Robert 1 out, A fight! Let us go and see! No, said Henry; Let us go quietly home and avoid this quarrel. We have 2 to do with it, and may get into trouble. You are not a brave boy, and afraid to go, said Robert, and off he ran. Henry went straight home, and in the afternoon went to school, as usual, 3 Robert had told all the boys that Henry was a coward, and they laughed at him a great deal. A few days 4 , Robert was bathing with some schoolmates and 5 his depth. He struggled and screamed for help, but all in vain. The boy 6 had called. Henry a coward, got away from the water as fast as they could, but they did not even try to help him. Robert was fast 7 , when Henry threw off his clothes, and sprang into the water, By great effort, and 8 much danger to himself, he brought Robert to the shore, and thus saved his life. Robert and his schoolmates were 9 at having called Henry a coward. They admitted that he had more 10 than any of them. Never be afraid to do good, but always fear to do evil. 1.A. cried B. jumped C. said D. turned D nothing 2.A something . everything CB. anything .DAnd C.A3.. Or But B. . So D ago before 4.A.afterward B. . later C.DC. .A5.. got out of got off got into B. got on D.which A6..whom who .B .C whose C. A7..swimming B . crossing D.playing sinking Cin .B . on D. at A8..with Dsad good .B C. A9..mad . ashamed Dstrength . A.10.courage B.C . ability power 【阅读理解】A a spring will animals colorful of group and world. animal of Think the a wild to mind: ) on the parrot's rainbow feathers or the showy scales of sea fish. But, many mammals(哺乳动物has colors: two only in black time Spend white. and some what exploring science come planet so discovered that see ll you' and appearances, animals' these about basic and white black isn't basic at all. 页 1 第 The panda's white body


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