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英语商务邮件黄金常用语+句型+模板+范文.pdf 10页

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65个商务邮件常用语 ( 中英对照) 1. If you’re any questions please let me know. 如有任何问题,请告诉我。 2.Please refer tentative schedule as follow: 请参照下面的暂定计划 3. Please recheck your record and advise if you find any differences. 4.We are following your instruction on the basis of your confirmation 我们在您确认的基础上按 您的指示行事。 5.Hare are you doing 还好吧? 6. Thanks in advance and best regards. 7. Looking forward seeing you soon. 8.If there is anything else I can help, please let me know. 9.here`s why: 原因如下 10.Please review, and let’s discuss how we should move forward. 请检讨,并让我们一起讨论我 们应该怎样继续。 11.We would like to lock up this business. 我们想锁定这笔生意 12.Once you respond to the above questions, we will decide which option we would like to pursue. 你们对上述问题回复后,我们会立即决定我们会选择哪个方案。 13.Thanks for your understanding. 谢谢您的谅解 14.Also please let me know if you need any other information 另外,你们还需要其他信息吗? 15.Will get back to you ASAP. 会尽快回复你! 16.Let`s discuss this then 到时我们讨论下这个问题。 17.Please review the below email our US office and advise.请查看以下我们 US 办公室发的 E-mail 并进行回复 18.Noted and understand all below. 19.Please review and advise us with any questions. 20.Let`s give it a try to make it happen…It is for a good cause 让我们试试吧…这是值得支持的 21.There are a lots of lose ends now…How once you going to execute this?现在有很多问题,我 们怎样处理 22.As I explained over the phone , today,如同我今天在电话中解释的那样 23.Since we will have one chance only.既然我们只要一个选择 24.Please note and proceed as is,请注意,并按现况继续 25.Please see the reply below in red 请看如下红色的回复 26.Please check at your side and comment 请你们那边检讨一下并回复。 27.Noted and understand all below, see reply in bold black (请看黑色粗体回复) 28. Please forward to JACK for comment and corrective action. 评价和纠正措施提供给 JACK 29.This is good news, You did a really good job! 30.Noted all below and attached files with thanks. Here is the summary of our findings: 以下是我 们的结果总结 31.Looking forward to hearing back from you tomorrow (盼明天收到你的回复) 32.Please advise us with your comments 请把你的看法告诉我们 33.Please


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