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2019中考英语步步高精品:单项选择.docx 6页

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PAGE PAGE #/ 6 精选练习题及解析 ) 2019中考英语步步高精品:单项选择考点(动词不定式和-ing考点精选练习 题及解析 ) 专项训练 The teacher told her students in public. not to shout B. didn 't shout C. not shout D. to not shout I have finished this book. You can take it away. A. to read B. read C. reading D. reads Look! How heavy the rain is! You ' d better . A. don ' t go now B. stay here when it stops C. not leave until it stops D. not to leave at once Let him a rest. I think he must be tired after the long walk.A. haveB. gets C. to take D. has There is no difference between the two words. I really don ' t know .A.what to choose B. which to choose C. to choose which D. to choose what —Could you give me a hand, please? —Sure. What would you like me ? A. do B. to do C. doing D. does Can you show me an e-mail? A. send B. how to send C. what to send D. to send Yuki loves wearing strange hats because she wants people to her.A.believe B. control C. notice D. visit Mother makes me my homework every day before I can play videogames.A. finish B. finished C. finishing D. to finish — have dinner with me and my wife sometime next week?— Yes, I ' d like to. Thank you. A. Would you like B. Do you like C. Would you D. Do you精选练习题及解析) She asked them things about. A. not to litter B. don ' t litter C. not litter D. no litter —Would you like to have a try? —Yes, very much. It to be exciting. A. seem B. is looking C. seems D. will look I prefer to offer more money for a better computer less for this one.A. topaying B. to pay C. not to pay D. rather than pay — I saw Betty go to Grandpa Zhang 's home just now. —Yes, she is often seen the old man with his housework.A. help B. to help C. helps D. helped Listen! Can you hear a baby ? A. cry B. to cry C. crying D. cries On Sunday I often stay at home and do some . A. read B. reads C. reading D. to read —Hello! Would you like to go to the concert with me tonight? — I 'm sorry Ican 't . Mother won 't me to go out in the evening.A. let B. allow C. offer D. ask —Wh


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