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人教英语必修一练习:nit 2 ection Ⅳ 知能演练轻松闯关 含解析.doc 6页

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eq \a\vs4\al(Ⅰ) 句型转换 1.The headmaster said to us, “Spend more time on your study.” →The headmaster told us to spend more time on our study. 2.The woman said to her son, “Don’t touch my computer.” →The woman told her son not to touch her computer. 3.“Can I use your dictionary?” Tony said. →Tony asked me to use my dictionary. 4.“Get everything ready in two hours,” the boss said to us. →The boss ordered us to get everything ready in two hours. 5.Mum said to us, “Don’t waste water or electricity any longer.” →Mum warned us not to waste water or electricity any longer. 6.Peter said to me, “Would you please help me with the maths question now?” →Peter asked me to help him with the maths question then. 7.The teacher told his students not to waste time on those useless things. →The teacher said to his students, “Don’t waste time on these useless things.” 8.Martin asked his friend to go to the library with him the next day. →Martin said to his friend,“Let’s go to the library tomorrow.” 9.Henry asked me to join a dance club with him in two days’ time. →Henry asked, “Could you join a dance club with me the day after tomorrow?” 10.My father told us not to make the same mistake the next time. →My father said to us, “Don’t make the same mistake next time.” eq \a\vs4\al(Ⅱ) 阅读理解 A Have you ever thought of getting away from the present life and doing something completely different? Well, here are some people who have done just that. Back to the land In his early forties, Peter Van Der Groot was a successful salesman.He had a large beautiful home.But Peter worked long hours, and he saw little of his home and family.He enjoyed his job, but he was never there to see his children growing up.Then last year, the firm(公司) he worked for closed down, and, unexpectedly, Peter had the chance to do something different. So Peter and his family sold their house in London and moved to the countryside.They bought a smaller house with some land.Today, Peter is more relaxed.He spends time with his c


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