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通过自适应随机数据包标记实现实时IP回溯.pdf 6页

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1000-9825/2003/14(05)1005 © 2003 Journal of Software 软 件 学 报 Vol.14, No.5 通过自适应随机数据包标记实现实时IP 回溯 1+ 1 2 梁 丰 , 赵新建 , David Yau 1(浙江工业大学 浙江省光纤通信技术重点实验室,浙江 杭州 310014) 2 (普度大学 计算机科学系, 印第安那州 IN47907,美国) Real Time IP Traceback with Adaptive Probabilistic Packet Marking 1+ 1 2 LIANG Feng , ZHAO Xin-Jian , David Yau 1(Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Fiber Optical Communication Technology,Zhejiang University of Technology,Hangzhou 310014,China) 2(Department of Computer Science,Purdue University,West Lafayette IN 47907,USA) + Corresponding author: Phn: 86-571 E-mail:liangf@ Received 2002-01-07; Accepted 2002-08-27 Liang F,Zhao XJ,Yau D.Real time IP traceback with adaptive probabilistic packet marking Journal of Software,2003,14(5);1005~1010 /1000-9825/14/1005.htm Abstract: Probabilistic packet marking (PPM) is a practical and effective method for IP traceback of denial-of-service(DoS) attack.In this paper, an adaptive PPM algorithm is presented:a router marks a passing packet with a probability which is adaptive to the distance that the packet has traversed,so that a minimum convergence time for an attacking path can be achieved in the victim.With a new IP header overloading scheme,the labeled fragment encoding scheme,a real-time reconstruction is provided,so that thousands of paths can be traced simultaneously.Compared with previous PPM schemes,a 50% decrease in convergence time is achieved,while the computation overhead and false positives in reconstruction are greatly reduced Key words : network security;DDoS;router;IP traceback;PPM 摘 要: 随机数据包标记(PPM)是对拒绝服务攻击进行 IP


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