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    Unit 6;Unit 6 I’m going to study computer science.;1. A resolution is a kind of p________. We usually make resolutions at the b_________ of the year. We hope to i_________ our lives. ;;1. To learn the new words: own, personal, relationship 2. To learn to write about your resolutions using be going to;e.g. This is my own camera. 这是我自己的相机。;e.g. Personal health is necessary for this job. 这项工作需要健康的身体。;e.g. The relationship between Mr. Smith and his son is very close. 史密斯先生和他儿子的关系很亲密。;Resolutions ________ promises to yourself. They may _________ to make you a better person and to make your life easier. I am going to ________ four resolutions.;The first resolution is about my own personal improvement. Next year, or maybe sooner, I am going to ________ up a new hobby. I think singing ________ a great activity so I am going to ________ to sing. I think this will also make my family happy because they love to ______ to music and sing together. ;Read the passage and answer the questions.;1. Ideas for improving my physical health ___________________________________ 2. Ideas for improving my relationships with my family and friends __________________________________ __________________________________;3. Ideas for doing better at school ___________________________________ ___________________________________;What are your first/ second/third resolutions?;Use your notes to write three more paragraphs about your resolutions. In each paragraph, write what you are going to do and why. ;【写作任务】 假如你和你的美国朋友Rick 分享了第一个新年计划之后,他表示对你的其他三个计划也很感兴趣。请根据所给提示,写一篇短文介绍你的另外三个计划,并说明你打算如何去做以及为什么这么做。;The second resolution is about improving my physical health. _______________________________________ The third resolution is about improving my relationships with my family and friends. _______________________________________The last resolutions is about how to do better at school. _______________________________________;【思路点拨】 1. 定基调 体裁:说明文


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