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    Journey down the Mekong 教学设计 Teaching Objectives Knowledge aims: 1. Ss will learn and grasp some useful new words and expressions in this passage: finally cycle persuade stubborn insist proper properly determined altitude valley attitude ever since change one ’ s mindmake up one’s mind give in Ss will learn about the usage of The Present Continuous Tense to express future actions. Ability aims: Ss are expected to develop their reading ability by using some reading strategies. Ss can get the main idea of each paragraph when they read the first two sentences in the paragraphs. Ss can further understand the passage by exploring the details of the passage. Emotional aims: Ss will stimulate their love for nature when knowing the greatness of the river. Teaching important points Ss can understand the text well and learn different reading skills Teaching important points Ss can talk about their journey plans and exchange their ideas with each other. Teaching methods: Task-based teaching and learning Cooperative learning Discussion Teaching procedures: Step1: Leading in Introduce the journey to Xiamen and the plan My travel plan Route: ________________ Transportation:___________ Budget(预算 ):_____________ Length of stay:____________ Preparation:______________ Step2. A brief introduction of the Mekong River List the countries that the Mekong River flows through. China---Myanmar---Laos---Thailand---Cambodia---Vietnam Step3: Fast reading 1. Read the passage very quickly and figure out what the writing style of the passage is, then answer six questions about who, where, how , when. Who are going there? Where are they going? How are they getting there? When are they going there? Read the first two sentences of each paragraph and match the main idea of each paragraph.. Para1 : Dream Para2: A stubborn sister Para3: Preparation 精选 Step4: Careful reading Read the first paragraph carefully and answering the following questions: Q1: What ’s their dream? Q2: How did they realize


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