《unit 3 my school calendar课件》小学英语人教(pep)2011课标版三年级起点五年级下册课件27275..ppt 55页

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《unit 3 my school calendar课件》小学英语人教(pep)2011课标版三年级起点五年级下册课件27275..ppt

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    sh i big /?/ ee o hot e y ar sh i big /?/ u bus a apple e egg p sh ee p sh o t sh ir ts sh or sh f i C sh a d i sh w a sh Helpful Cash, helpful Cash, obeys(遵照) mother’s wish. Helpful Cash, helpful Cash, Learns to cook the fish. Shears the sheep , puts away the shirts. And empties the trash(倒垃圾). 四人小组用字母卡拼成一个单词,并尝试拼读。 Let’s chant Task 1: 1 2 3 4 5 Task 2: Listen and number! Let’s read! 1.Miss Wang is a nice _______. 3.Helpful brothers cook ________ and_____. 2.Lazy brothers wait for ______. teacher lunch Task 3: Look, listen and write! (听音,写单词) fish chicken Let’s read! What should helpful children do? Helpful children should …. put away the shirts wash the windows wash the clothes watch TV do the dishes break (弄坏)the chair cook the lunch wait for lunch feed the fish Helpful children should do housework! * 徐老师 徐老师 ea /i:/ er /?/ al /?:/ ar /a:/ ee /i:/ ir /?:/ 一个醒悟的家庭 Rich Cash Coach Miss Wang has two children, Rich and Cash. Their father is Coach. After work, Miss Wang cooks lunch every day . But Coach, Rich and Cash sit and wait(等) for lunch. After lunch, Miss Wang does the dishes ,washes the shirts and shorts . She also feeds the chickens. But Rich , Cash and Coach, just(仅仅) watch(观看) football match. Miss Wang is very sad(伤心). One day ,she writes a letter and leaves(离开) home. In the letter she has a wish(心愿):“Don’t be lazy(懒惰).Do housework, please!” ○ Don’t be lazy. Do housework ,please. The father and brothers feel sorry. Then they do housework every day. They become (成为)helpful! Two months later (2个月后), Miss Wang comes home and sees that, she’s so happy! Game1 Game2 记忆游戏 Game1:Answer some questions about the story. (根据故事内容,回答问题) 1.What’s Miss Wang’s job(工作)? She’s a teacher. 2.Do Rich and Cash cook the lunch every day? No, they don’t. 3.Who feeds the chickens? Miss Wang. Read and observe(读一读并观察). teacher lunch chicken ch /?/ /t?/ ch a apple /t?/ ee ar al o dog ch /t?/ i big o dog ar ea ch p ea ch se


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