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    译林牛津 8 A Unit 2 School life 教材全解及单元测试卷 1. Comic strip (1) They have to work harder. (P. 18) ① have to表示“必须、不得不”,强调客观上的必须, must 侧重于个人意志和主观上的必须。 例如: We have to walk home because the car has broken down. We must study hard. ② hard 作副词表示“努力地、猛烈地”,作形容词,表示“困难的”。 例如: We should study hard. It is raining hard. It is hard to answer the question. (2) It ’s like watching TV , but there are fewer advertisements. (P. 18) ① like 此处用作介词,表示“像……”,后接名词、代词或动词ing 形式。 例如: What ’s your house like? It ’s like listening to music. ② few 意为“很少”,表示否定意义,修饰可数名词复数, a few 表示“一些”,表示肯定意义,修饰可数 名词复数。 例如: Few people understand this difference. I have a few friends in America. 2. Welcome to the unit (1) vacation (P. 19) vacation 表示“假期”多用于美式英语中,而英式英语中用 holiday 。be on vacation “在度假”,go on vacation “去度假”,take a vacation “度假”,the winter/summer vacation “寒/ 暑假”。 例如: Mr Wang was on vacation last month. They are going to England to spend their summer holidays. (2) I ’d like to buy some biscuits. (P. 19) would like 意为“想要”,常用的结构有:would like sth. “想要某物”;would like to do sth. “想要做某事”。 例如: I would like some apples. He would like to eat some bananas. 【拓展】 1. Would you like sth.?“ ”句型的肯定回答用“Yes, please.”,否定回答用“No, thanks.”。 2. Would“ you like to do sth.?”句型的肯定回答用“Yes, I ’d like/love to.”,否定回答用“I’d like/love to, but...”。 (3) Shall we go together? (P. 19) Shall we...?“ ”意为“我们……好吗?”用于征求他人意见、向他人提出建议或者请求他人的许可,肯定回 答用“Good idea./That’s a good idea./Of course, I’d like to. ”,否定回答为“I ’m sorry, but I...”。 例如: Shall we go to the museum? That ’s a good idea. (4) I ’d like to, but the school football team will practise this Saturday. (P. 19) practise用作及物动词,意为“练习、操练”后接动名词作宾语。 My younger brother practises playing the piano every day. 3. Reading (1) It is a mixed school. (P. 20) mixed 这里作为形容词,意为“男女混合的”。 例如: All the schools here are mixed ones. I had mixed feelings about me


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