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官方网站: GMAT写作 Argument 范文下载四 摘要: GMAT写作在复习的过程中,多看一些经典的范文,对于写作的提高非常有帮助,所以  GMAT 资料下载的小编为考生整理了  GMAT写作  Argument 范文 ,让大家更好的备考写作,在  GMAT写 作考试中获得好成绩! 写作 Argument 范文下载四 GMAT 4.The following appeared in a report presented for discussion at a meeting of the directors of a company that manufactures parts for heavy machinery. “The falling revenues that the company is experiencing coincide with delays in manufacturing.These delays , in turn ,are due in large part to poor planning in purchasing metals.Consider further that the manager of the department that handles purchasing of raw materials has an excellent background in general business , psychology , and sociology ,but knows little about the properties of metals.The company should , therefore ,move the purchasing manager to the sales department and bring in a scientist from the research division to be manager of the purchasing department. ” Discuss how well reasoned...etc. In response to a coincidence between falling revenues and delays in manufacturing , the report recommends replacing the manager of the purchasing department.The grounds for this action are twofold.First ,the delays are traced to poor planning in purchasing metals.Second ,the purchasing manager's lack of knowledge of the properties of metals is thought to be the cause of the poor planning.It is further recommended that the position of the purchasing manager be filled by a scientist from the research division and that the current purchasing manager be reassigned to the sales department.In support of this latter recommendation ,the report states that the current purchasing manager's background in general business , psychology , and sociology equip him for this new assignment.The recommendations advanced in the report are questionable for two reasons. To begin with ,the report fails to establish a causal connection between the falling revenues of the company and the delays in manufacturing.The mere fact that falling revenues coincide with d