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My home作文带翻译七年级初中九篇 以my home写英语作文带翻译篇一 My home is on the first floor. There are two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room. I’m a child. I have a nice bedroom. In my bedroom, there is bedroom, a closet, an air- conditioner and so on. My closet is green. My bed is blue. I love my bedroom very much. 翻译: 我的家在一楼。有2间卧室,一间厨房和一间起居室。我是一个孩子。我有一个漂亮的卧室。在我的卧室里,有一间卧室,一个衣橱,一个空调等。我的衣柜是绿色的。我的床是蓝色的。我非常喜欢我的卧室。 以my home写英语作文带翻译篇二 People always say home sweet home, there is no doubt that home is very important for everyone. Before I went to high school, I lived with my parents all the time, so I don’t have much idea about home. In my opinion, home was the place for me to live in. But when I went to the boarding school, I had to leave my home and live in the school. This was the first time for me to be far away from home. I missed home all the time, the longer time for I left, the more I missed my families. When I had the holiday, I rushed to home, I couldn’t wait to see my families. Now, I get the meaning of home, it is not just a place for me to live in, it is also my safe place. No matter where I go, or what kind of difficulty I meet, my family supports me all the time. 翻译: 人们总是说回到甜蜜的家,当然,对每个人来说家是很重要的。在我上高中以前,我一直和父母住在一起,因此我对家的认识并不多。在我看来,家是我住的地方。但是当我去到寄宿学校,我不得不离开家,住在学校。这是我第一次远离家。我总是想念家,离开的时间越长,就越想念家人。当我有假期了,我就跑回家,等不及要去见家人。如今,我懂得了家的意义,这不仅仅是我住的地方,也是我的安全地带。无论我去哪里,或者遇到什么困难,我的家人都会支持我。 以my home写英语作文带翻译篇三 This is my home.My home isn’t has a garden.There is a living room in the center of the home. At the back of the living room,there is a bedroom.It’s my grandparents’ home.My home has three bedrooms.On the left of the home,there is a bathroom and a kitchen and a bedroom.The bedroom is my parents’.On the right of the home,there is my room and a dining room.My room has a desk,a shelf and a bed.On the desk,there is a amp and some books. Now,my mother is cooking in the kitchen.My father and my grandparents are watching TV in the living.Where am I am doing my homework in my room. I love my home ver