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Unit 2 Growing pains 单元练测卷 第一题组: 单项选择 — Do you think you can repair the roof without help — . This is not the first time for me. Never mi nd B. Don 'worry C. No problem D. Not exactly Yuan Longping, Chinese agriculture scientist, is known for developing the first hybrid rice in 1970s. 不填;不填 B.不填;the C. a;不填 D. a; the Mr. Li often finds fault my manners; I have to say that he is too hard me. on; to B. on; on[ 来 源: www.shulihua .n et www.shulihua .n et] C. for; on D. with; on The Chinese team to win the champi on ship because they have made every effort. deserves B. tolerates C. achieves D. devotes — Start out right away, you'll miss the last train. —Don ' worry, but have you seen my ticket[来 源: www.shulihua. net] or B. so C. but D. and The best time to see Meri Snow Mountain is from October to April there are fewer clouds. that B. which C. whe n D. where The elderly need our care and help; they are not able to deal with such as a sudden ill ness or a fire accide nt. behaviors B. accide nts C. experie nces D. emerge ncies — Come to supper with us, Peter. ——Great! I bring a bottle of wine. may B. will C. n eed D. must you have a rich knowledge of Chinese history, try acting as a guide for these foreign visitors. Unl ess B. Though C. Now that D. Ever since Pu 'er tea is named after the place it is grow n — Pu'er City, i n Yunnan Provi nee. A. that B. which C. there D. where — Where have you been all day, Mike —I some old classmates and I could n 'get back un til it was dark. A. met B. have met C. had met D. would meet Don 'be in a hurry. We are supposed this problem step by step. A. solvi ng B. to solvi ng C. to solve D. solve — I've had my bedroom pink. How do you like it —Really nice. A. painting B. to paint C. pain ted D. being pain ted We have bee n trapped here for several hours, and I want to know the reason there is no one no tici ng our disappeara nce.[ 来 源: www.shulihua. net] A. that B. why C. whe n D. where Beijing TV is plannin