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以空页面结束 And be sure to end with this view…! Created (with tongue firmly in cheek) by Sharon Barnes South Central Kansas Library System sbarnes@ * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * How to do BAD PowerPoint! 每页都使用不同的颜色 Use different colors on every slide 使用种类繁多的字体 Use lots of fancy fonts 不准备讲义 Don’t prepare any handouts. 每个人都会听懂你的每句话,并且在一星期之后还记得一清二楚, 所以,用讲义做什么? Everyone will be paying attention to your every word, and will remember everything next week, so who needs paper? 不注意错另字和语法 Don’t worry about checking speling or gramar. 把关键点放在最后 Save your main point until the very end, 并且只讲一遍! then say it only once! 没经过排练,开讲之前也没有检查相关设备 Don’t rehearse, and don’t check out the equipment or facility before your presentation starting time. 文字和背景使用相似色 Use monochromatic, low contrast colors for text and background Use irrelevant graphics and audio clips to distract your audience. 使用不合时宜的图片和声音 使用太小的文字 Cram lots of small size text on every slide. See, isn’t this legible from 20 feet away? /office/powerpoint/default.asp /products/powerpoint/index.html /templates.htm /ppoint.html /20Percent.htm /index1.htm /office/using/column08.asp /effectivepresentations.asp /powertips.htm /powerpointtips.htm 放映动画的同时演讲 Start talking before the animation stops People tend to stop listening while they are watching, but who cares? 言语缺乏逻辑 Don’t use any logical progression in presenting your thoughts; 使听众困惑 this will keep your audience guessing! Use many special effects and lots of animation; everyone will be very impressed! 使用过多特效和动画 幻灯片风格和主题不一致 Don’t worry about matching the design of your slides to the situation and topic. Go ahead and use a circus theme for an executive budget meeting! Zoom through the slides, and don’t add any more information. 内容的组织缺乏考虑 Don’t give any thought to pacing. 把不相关的主题放在一页内 Put several unrelated ideas on a single slide 把一个主题放在… or string a single thought… through several slides. 放在多张幻灯片中 Don’t summarize, review the major points 开讲之前不做概述 讲完之后不做