Unit 1 单元语法 短文改错 七选五精选 人教高中英语必修第二册.docx

Unit 1 单元语法 短文改错 七选五精选 人教高中英语必修第二册.docx

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Unit 1 单元复习 一.语法填空 1.The government plans __________(create) more jobs for young people. After delivering the package, he __________(mount) his horse and rode away. These 18th-century oil paintings __________(preserve) so well that the visitors are greatly amazed. Etosha is one of the world's greatest wildlife ________(preserve). The computer and Internet techniques ___________(promote) the development of online psychology counseling since the very beginning of the 21 century. I am applying for a part-time job at a foreign company in my city during this summer holiday, and I have just completed my _________(apply) and resume[简历]. While the schoolwork is increasingly heavy in senior high school life, as a student, we should try _________(balance) our daily life and school tasks. He proposed that they ________(change) the name of the company. The poor child never cried or ___________(protest) when I was dressing her wound. 9.Water from the dam would _______(like) damage a number of temples and destroy cultural relics that were an important part of Egypt’s cultural heritage. 1.to create; 2.mounted; 3.are preserved; 4.preserves; 5.have promoted; 6.application;7.to balance; 8.(should) change; 9.protested; 10.likely 二.七选五 Having a healthy family life can lower risk of heart attack and boost your chance of living longer.__1__. Care for elders in a loving way Caring for an elderly loved one is a wonderful way to show compassion and service,and it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice (牺牲) everything.__2__.Kids and marriages can be powerfully affected by how these decisions are handled,both negatively and positively.They thoroughly think through the potential impact of moving an aging parent into the home or providing extended care.A good boundary with an aging parent is to do occasional outgoings. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude Healthy families set a culture of being grateful for the things you appreciate in life,big and small.Set up a respectful space where