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it 演讲稿范文 4 篇与 java 实训心得体会汇编 it 演讲稿范文 4 篇 first, i would like to know, what does your destiny offer you? happiness, wisdom, a strong body or something else. if i had asked this question to president nixon, he would probably had said, ”our destiny offers not the c up of despair, but the chalice of opportunity. ” needless to say, one of the biggest opportunities given to china is the olympic games. till now, we have used two sevenths of the preparation time. how much changes have you seen? new roads, new subway lines, public-exercising equipments with beautiful colors, large blocks of grass fields, and also lots of modern gyms which are under construction. other than those, there are even more good effects brought to us by the olympic games that cannot be seen directly. for example, more and more people will get to know china. i ’m sure the mysterious chinese culture will attract them strongly. and the games will also do good to the economy and environment, for it is gaining the attention of foreign investors and the awareness of environmental protection is being strengthened. what is more, olympic games give a unique 第1 页共9 页 opportunity to inspire and cate a new generation of chinese youth with the olympic values and the olympic spirit. now that we have seen so many advances, could you even imagine us losing the holding rights? i ’ve already said a lot about the olympics and china. but i think everyone should use some time to think of this question, ”does the olympic games have any special meaning to you? ” for us, i mean the chinese youth, olympic games is a tremendous gift. because what we are waiting for is to do something significant as repaying the love given to us .the society is just like a ship, and in our dreams the captain is waving his hand and saying ”hey! e here and tak e the helm! ”how charming his voice is, but we have never heard of it in our true life. this morning, however, when we wake up, we will see the olympic games waving its hand. after ch