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嘿 狮子 Hey, Lion. 嘿 狮子 Hey, Lion. 老弟 你还醒着吗 Brother, you up? 对 怎么了 Yeah, what's wrong? 我们会好起来的 狮子 We're gonna be good, Lion. 当然 兄弟 Yeah, I know, man. 我的意思是 我可以看到 I mean, I can see it. 当我闭上眼睛 我可以看见我们的未来 I can see our future when I close my eyes. 一切都安排得井井有条 We got it all laid out in front of us. 我可以看见我们的房♥子 I can see our house. 我们俩每人都有一个大衣橱放丝绸衬衫 We each got a walk-in closet for all our silk shirts 还有意大利手工西装 and handmade Italian suits. -你知道那时我们在哪里吗 -加州 - You know where it is? - In California. 斯坦 我如果再不睡觉 明天就赢不了 Stan, if I don't go to sleep, I'm not gonna win tomorrow. 我们不会输的 We're not gonna lose. 这是我们的命运 It's fate. 新的一天 新的机会 With a new day comes new opportunities. 一个可以改变一切的机会 A chance to change everything. 我们能做的和不能做的 What we can or cannot do 取决于我们相信什么是可能的 comes down to what we believe is possible. 你会选择什么 恐惧还是希望 What will you choose, fear or hope? 我给你一个让你的生活变得非凡的机会 I challenge you to make your life extraordinary. 怎样才能过上非凡的生活 What does it take to live an extraordinary life? 仔细听 Having focus. 起床了 该吃早饭了 Up and at 'em. Time to eat. 狮子 Lion. 起床了 狮子 Yo, Lion. 过来 阿什 把这个吃了 Come on, Ash. Eat this shit. 手腕还好吗 Your wrist bothering you? 有点酸痛 Just aches. 今天是战斗日 宝贝 It's fight day, baby. 我会给你准备好冰块和热毛巾 I'll get you some ice and a hot towel. 别把那杯混饮给阿什喝 好吗 None of that mixie goes to Ash. All right? 过来 Come here. 好孩子 Good boy. 禁止闯入 银行所有 好吧 All right. 他妈的 Oh, fuck! 好了 来吧 All right, come on. 手抓牢窗框 好吗 Put your hand on the frame, all right? 好了 我们开始吧 Right. Let's do it. 丛林之地 ? 在松树下 ? ? Slide into the cool mud ? ? 沿着冰冷的泥土滑入 ? ? Underneath the pines ? ? 无论何时 ? ? Somewhere to your right or left ? ? 我都在你身旁 ? ? Is my body you can find ? ? 我们光着身子 ? ? We are swimming with no clothes on ? ? 在黑暗的河里游泳 ? ? In a river in the dark ? ? 我紧紧地跟着你 兄弟 ? ? And I am holding on to you, boy ? ? 在昏暗的星光下 ? ? In the faint light of the stars ? ? 有时我觉得这是梦境 ? ? But sometimes I feel it In a dream ? ? 即便我知道这不是 ? ? I know I've been there ? ? 我们在海边熟睡 ? ? We were sleeping by the ocean ? ? 我们在沙滩欢笑 ? ?