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Unit 1 My name’s Gina It's my great honor to present my lesson here. Today, I’m going to talk about section A(1a to 2b) of Unit1.My name’s Gina. Go For It! To make my presentation clear, I'd like to divide the teaching structure into 5 parts: analysis of teaching material, analysis of Ss, analysis of teaching and learning methods, teaching procedure and blackboard design. Now I am about to present them one by one. 1. Analysis of teaching material This lesson is from Unit 1 of Grade 7 Go For It!.This text is about greeting otherd and introducing yourself, which the content is related to Ss' daily life. The task in this lesson is not easy. According to the Ss’ English level and the demands of the New Standard English, I divide my lesson aims into three categories: language aims, ability aims and emotion aims. Language Aims: To enable Ss to grasp new words "nice, meet, my, name and names". Learn to introduce yourself and greet people. And also enable Ss to learn some new sentence patterns “ nice to meet you, what’s your name? my name’s …” etc. Ability Aims: To promote Ss' ability on reading, listening, speaking and writing. Cultivate Ss’ ability of introducing themselves and greeting people Emotion Aims: To enable Students to know that they should know how to greet people and make friends with others. After explaining the teaching objects, there are some important new words and patterns need to be introduced. There are Teaching Key points and Difficult Points. Key Points: learn the words: name, nice, to, meet, too, you, Ms…. learn the sentences: “what’s your/his/her name? My/His/Her name’s….” Difficult Points: Learn to use “what’s..?” question-sentences and answers Students’ ability to apply what they’ve learned to their daily life. 2. That is my analysis of material. And then I want to talk something about the Ss. Ss in Grade 7 keep strong interest in English study, have a definite English learning motivation and the active learning attitude. They have the abilit