Unit7 Section B (1a-1e) 课件 人教版八年级英语上册.pptx

Unit7 Section B (1a-1e) 课件 人教版八年级英语上册.pptx

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Section B (1a-1e);Learning Aims: ;What will the world be like?;Lead in;Lead in;Lead in;Write each word in the correct column below.;Think of other words and write them in the chart in 1a.;Listen to Alexis and Joe. Number the pictures [1-3].;1. I ________ in an apartment across the street from here. 2. I ________ near here. 3. I ________ a computer programmer. 4. We ________ in a house in the country. 5. I ________ the train to school. 6. I ________ an astronaut. 7. I ________ rockets to the moon. 8. I ________ on a space station.;;Where do you live now? I live in … Where did you live 10 years ago? I lived in … Where will you live in 10 years? I will live in …;some years ago;Give us a report to describe your past,now and future .;Summary