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共164页 第 PAGE 131 页 Page PAGE 131 of 164 型号: NG-234/9.4/520-M Type 锅炉设计说明书 Instructions For The Care And Operation 编 号:141952SM SER. No. SE 编号:BH-431-M60-106177 Rev 版 本:A Rev Approved for construction (AFC) 10.02.2015 版本 Rev. 日期 Date 编制 Designed by 审核 Reviewed by 批准 Approved by 修改-说明 Modification-Observation 本文件之产权属于杭州锅炉集团股份有限公司。未获本公司许可,任何人不得擅自使用、复制、传递或泄漏该文件。 This document is the property of HBG. It must not be used, reproduced, transmitted or disclosed without the prior written permission of HBG. 锅炉设计说明书 Instructions For The Care And Operation FOREWORD 前言 The instructions are to be used as a guide for operational reference and should not take the place of Boiler Operation Specifications. These instructions are issued for the purpose of assisting operators in obtaining the best possible results of HANGZHOU BOILER GROUP CO.,LTD(HBG) equipment. The instructions can only supplement the experience and judgment of those in charge of operation. They should be interpreted and applied after due consideration for the requirements of other equipment and for any particular set of circumstances. These instructions do not purport to cover all details or variations in equipment or to provide for every possible contingency to be met in conjunction with operation and / or maintenance. The recommendations contained in these instructions are issued by HBG based upon the knowledge and experience representing our best judgment at the time of issuance. In offering these instructions for pre-operation, operation, maintenance and safety, HBG assumes no responsibility for any failure or incident resulted from incorrect operations. The instructions involve quite a number of HBG’s technology, Without permission, no one that is not involved in this Project is allowed to make any copy of these Instructions. 本说明书作为导则供运行参考, 不能代替锅炉运行规程。 此说明书意在帮助杭州锅炉集团股份有限公司的用户尽可能获得满意的使用效果, 是对运行人员经验和判断的补充, 然而具体应用还需结合其它设备及运行环境的要求, 说明书并未将设备的所有细节和变化及其运行和维修可能遇到的每一个偶然情况包括在内。 此说明书的内容是杭州锅炉集团股份有限公司许可在循环流化床方面所