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八年级英语阅读教学设计 学 科英 语 学 科 英 语 年 级 八年级 教 学 形 式 新授课 课题名称 Unit 9 Section B 2a-2d Reading :Singapore- A place you will never forget! 学情分析 本节阅读课,以寻找去新加坡旅游的八大理由为抓手,通过小组合作、探究的模式,完成阅读教学 2a-2d 的各项任务。 教材分析 本篇阅读课文,介绍了新加坡的地理位置、人口、语言、各种美食、夜间野生动物园及新加坡的天气,全文分为四个自然段落,了解了东南亚国家的天气、文化 风土人情。 教学目标 1. Knowledge Objects ①Key words: thousand, thousands of, on the one hand…, on the other hand…, safe, simply, fear, whether, Indian, Japanese, fox, all year round, equator, whenever, spring, mostly, location, Singapore, Southeast Asia, Night Safari ②Language Structures: For thousands of tourists from China, this small island in Southeast Asia is a wonderful and safe place to take a holiday. On the one hand, more than three quarters of the population are Chinese, so you can… On the other hand, Singapore is an English-speaking country, so it’s… you won’t have any problem getting rice, noodles or… Whether you like Indian food, western food or Japanese food, you’ll find it all in Singapore!It might seem strange to go to a zoo… One great thing about Singapore is that… This is because… Ability Objects Students are expected to have a clear mind of the passage about Singapore. Moral Objects Travelling makes us get more wonderful things and good feelings. 教学重难点 To talk about places students have been to and learn to introduce them to others. To improve the students’ reading skills. 教学策略 根据文章题目和所给图片,预测文章内容。 通过略读的方式,猜测文章大意。 借助关键词,通过寻读的方式,找寻细节内容。 借助关键词,通过寻读的方式,找寻细节内容。 在阅读中,尝试概括段落大意,加强篇章整体理解 教学过程与方法 教 学 环 节 教师 活动 学生 活动 设计 意图 Step1 Revision Revise the present perfect tense“Have you ever been to the Great Wall/ the Bird’s Nest/a museum etc....?”when did you go to...? I went to... Then ask have you ever been to Singapore? Step 2 lead-in Enjoy a video about Singapore. Step 3 Pre -reading Ask What do you know or want to know about Singapore? (2a) Look at some pictures( guessing game) and discuss them with your group. Step4 Fast reading Introduce Singapore to the students. Look at the map to find where Singapore is.