Unit4 Reading and Thinking高中英语人教版选择性必修第一册.pptx

Unit4 Reading and Thinking高中英语人教版选择性必修第一册.pptx

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Unit 4 BODY LANGUAGE Reading and Thinking: Understand body language Listening To How Our Bodies Talk The type of the passage is __________________________.The text may be about ____________________________________________.how body language expresses our feelings, thoughts and opinionsan exposition (说明文) Predict Body language is important in daily interactions.Just like spoken language, body language varies from culture to culture. The gesture for "OK" has different meanings in different cultures. Even the gestures we use for "yes "and "no" differ around the world. Summarize the main ideaPara. 1 Para. 2 Para. 3 Para. 4 Some gestures seem to have the same meaning everywhere. Some body language has many different uses. Para. 5 Para. 6 Introduction The differences The similaritiesDifferent usesRead for structurePay attention to the topic sentence What is the function of body language?It can convey our feelings and inner thoughts truly. Para 1Read for details Para 2Body language/ GestureMeaningCountry/RegionEye contactLook down when talking to someone Interest Not politeSome countriesMiddle Eastern countries RespectJapanHow does the author make this paragraph coherent?Just like spoken language, body language varies from culture to culture. Just like spoken language, body language varies from culture to culture. The crucial thing is using body language in a way that is appropriate to the culture you are in. For example, making eye contact—looking into someone’s eyes—in some countries is a way to display interest. In other countries, by contrast, eye contact is not always approved of. For example, in many Middle Eastern countries, men and women are not socially permitted to make eye contact. In Japan, it may demonstrate respect to look down when talking to an older person.topic sentencesupporting idea1(example)supporting idea2(example)contrastPara 2supporting idea3(example) Body language/ GestureMeaningCountry/RegionPara 3OK signMoneyJapa



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