Unit 8 Topic 3 Section C 课件仁爱版八年级英语下册.pptx

Unit 8 Topic 3 Section C 课件仁爱版八年级英语下册.pptx

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Topic 3 He said the fashion show was wonderful.Section CUnit 8 Our Clothes 1,Twelve new words and expressions:decoration, knot, dynasty, Asian, personal, attractive, western-style, express, Mongolian, above, list, from then on, get one's name, be known to sb2,Ability: Learn the use of coordinate conjunctions.(学习并列连词的用法)3,Emotional goals: Talk about the Tang costume and some other Chinese minorities costumes. They are wearing Mongolian custumes.蒙古族 She is wearing Han costume.She is wearing Tang costume.They got their name from Tang and Han dynasties.朝代,王朝 2b Look at the pictures and match them with the correct Chinese minorities.a. Titetan b. Man c. Zhuang d. Mongolian e. Miao f. Koreanefbdca 2a Choose the correct name for each picture and write it down on the line.Tang costume Zhongshan costume cheongsam business suit sportswearTang costumebusiness suitZhongshan costumesportswearcheongsam____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Look, listen and understand. decorationsilk knotthe Tang costume1a Read and understand. Look at the pictures and match the words with them. Then discuss in groups about the Tang costume. Fashion is full of culture. The Tang costume stands for Chinese history and fashion culture. It got its name when China became known to other countries during the Han and Tang dynasties. From then on, people called Chinese clothes, “Tang costumes”.Chinese fashion is different not only from western fashion, but also from that in other Asian countries, such as Japan and Korea. The beautiful silk knots and the other decorations on Tang-style clothes are popular all over the world now.Today people can design the Tang costume as either formal or casual clothes. It shows both the personal style and China’s traditional culture.So we say the Tang costume is very attractive and very different from western-style suits. China’s traditional culture1b Read 1a and complete t


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