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赫章县财神中学大课间操的开展情况及研究-体育教育毕业论文.doc 11页

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毕 业 论 文 题 目:赫章县财神中学大课间操的开展情况及研究 专 业:体育教育 姓 名:敖 艳 邮箱地址:1440324621@ 联系电话:18375048660 完成时间:2017 年月Wei Ling map the small 2 big lesson hold And the study ABSTRACT: sports big recess activities is in recent years on the basis of the traditional lesson hold loose play up to form a new type of school sports activities, is a breakthrough to push forward the reform of quality education, school plays a more important than to exercise the student body. Large sports recess activity time, rich in content, form, exercise intensity is appropriate, can not only to adjust the effect to the students nervous, and is more important to the student's physical and mental health has obvious practical results. At the same time, the sports big recess activities to promote the common development of students and the school, build the communication between teachers and students of the new platform. Key words : sports big recess activities; student ; body quality Health of body; mind harmonious relations 目 录 摘要·················································································2 关键词···············································································2 ABSTRACT················································································3 Key words·················································································3 前言·················································································5 1、文献综述········································································5 1.1相关定义综述··············································5 4 2、研究对象与方法···································5 2.1研究对象·······································································5 2.2研究方法········································································5 3、研究结果与分析··········································6 3.1大课间体育活动开展情况································6 4、结论与建议····························


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