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土元饲养管理(Management of tuyuan breeding) The processing method of the earth element At present commonly used processing method has two kinds of drying and baking, no matter in that way, mainly using heat from insect body moisture, feed flagpole paper moisture content about 5%, of course, can not contain moisture is better, so that you can avoid because it contains too much water causes the insect body mold rot, easy to save for later use. Processing method is: the first harvest to insect body of impurities, then hungry it one day, to digest the food in the body, as manure, make it on an empty stomach, easy to process preserved already so, also is helpful to improve the medicinal value. Rinse the body of the worm with water for a day, remove the sludge from the body, and then soak the clean insect in boiling water for 3 minutes -- 5 minutes, and iron it to death. After scoop out, wash with clean water, spread on bamboo curtain or tablet, bask in sunlight for 3 days - 5 days, achieve dry and luster, insect body flat and not broken for good. Finally, place the dried insect in a sealed glass container or in a plastic bag for storage. Conditional place to put the hot dead insect body is rinsed clean, put in thermostatic baking in the oven, adjust good temperature control in 35 ℃ - 50 ℃, after waiting for insect body dry can. When drying, must rise from low temperature gradually to high temperature, such ability when the water in the insect body is completely removed, do not burn the body surface to affect the medicine quality of insect body. If there is a rainy day, and no oven, you can dry it with a tin pan. The wash hot dead insect body into barbed wire, basket, put the pot baking, baking temperature of 50 ℃ or so, roasted evenly done, make its heated evenly, in case of baked coke. Some people put the worms directly into the iron pot, stir-fry them with iron spatula, and dry them. This drying method is easy to burn the insects. It is also easy to damage the insect body an


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