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中考英语单选100道精编(附答案) ( )1.Granny looked for her book, but she couldn’t find it _____.A. somewhereB. everywhereC. anywhereD. nowhere( )2.—When did you ______the book to the library?—Yesterday afternoon.A. borrowB. lendC. giveD. return( )3.The man took away the dictionary but did not ______.A. pay itB. pay for itC. cost itD. spend it( )4. English teachers often encourage the students _______ English aloud.A. readB. readingC. to readD. readed( )5.— ______he ever ______abroad ?—No, never.A. Did, goB. Is, beenC. Has, beenD. Has, gone( )6. How long may I ______ the history books?A. keepB. lendC. borrowD. return( )7. She______ an English teacher.A. uses toB. used toC. use to beD. used to be( )8. One day the librarian ______ an idea.A. came upB. came withC. came up withD. came up to( )9. Now her lost books are usually______ the library.A .returnedB .returned toC. paidD. paid to( )10. My hobby is ______all kinds of coins.A. to collectB. collectingC. to pick upD. picking up( )11. Can you ______who has lost the watch?A. look forB. look upC. findD. find out( )12. My postcard is still on the desk. Why ______you ______it ?A. haven't , postedB. didn't, postC. wasn't postingD. won't, post( )13. The man ____France will give us a talk ____his country.A. from, onB. of, inC. of, aboutD. from, of( )14. He is too old to ______the name of that book.A. pick upB. think ofC. come upD. fill in( )15. Someone is knocking at the door. It ____my mother. It's time for her to be back.A. can beB. may not beC. must beD. mustn’t be( )16. I don’t know where Mr. White has gone. You’d better ask ____.A. else somebodyB. other somebodyC. somebody elseD. anybody else( )17. When he saw a ticket on the ground, he stopped ____.A. to pick it upB. pick it upC. to pick up itD. pick up it( )18. He says that he will ______to me in three days.A. return the moneyB. return back the moneyC. get the money backD. pay back the money( )19. Father ______the city of New York three days ago.A. leaveB. left toC. left offD. left f

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